LCD Vertical Line: Stuck pixel? Dead pixel? Banding?

Hello. I have a 32" LCD TV I bought about a year and a half ago. I use it as a monitor for my pc. Yesterday, I noticed a thin vertical line from top to bottom toward the left side of the screen. It's always there, it doesn't come and go, or change width. It does change color based on the background, and based on the color of the background, it seems to disappear entirely. My TV is always running at 1080p resolution. On a pure black screen, all I see is a small blue dot (pixel I'm guessing) where the line normally is, but no line. On a red screen, the dot is still there, but less noticeable, and no line. On a blue screen, I see a thin vertical black line where the blue dot is. On a green screen, I just see the little dot again, but less noticeable, and no line. On a white screen, I see a thin vertical yellow line where the blue dot is.

I could really care less about the dot, that's not a big deal, but the line can be quite annoying. I've tried to "exercise" the blue dot with some tools online, but no success thus far. Is it a pixel issue? Dead pixel? Stuck pixel? Banding? Unfortunately I don't know much about LCD displays. If I could just get the line to go away, that would be awesome. Thank you for your assistance. TV model is below.

Quantum View 32" 1080p
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    Sounds like you have a busted blue column driver in your LCD matrix or possibly a short on the blue column line in the LCD matrix itself.

    Either way, it probably is not fixable other than by swapping out the LCD panel since the display drivers are either integrated in the glass substrate or the ribbon cables usually bonded to the glass.
  2. That's unfortunate. I tweaked the calibration of the colors to try and minimize the disturbance. I'll definitely be getting 3 year warranties in the future. Thanks for your response.
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