Closing of Crysis2 multiplayer - what are our rights?

Hi everybody. Due to the gamespy shutdown many games won't be playable anymore on the multiplayer.
What are the rights of people who bought the game? Can we ask a partial or complete refund?
Is it right to close a multiplayer with thousands of people that regularly bought it using it?

The big part of the community isn't even aware of the closing, we made a petition to ask Crytek to keep the game:

But my question to somebody who knows laws is: is it legit? What are our rights?

Thanks for your replies and greetings
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  1. Theres no law saying you get your money back.
    SOE shutdown 6 of their games to better use the server for games such as Planetside. Nobody got anything from it however, its just business.
    Also, gamespy shutdown months ago, with their severs sold off years ago. Almost all of their game servers have been migrated elsewhere, Borderlands for example still runs.

    Gamespy shutdown the BF2MC servers years ago, but nobody complained, since BF3 was out, after BC1 and BC2.
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    Unfortunately, you have no rights in the matter. Any content you created or utilized while playing the game is the property of the company you paid to play. Therefore you have no legal recourse concerning the hours/days/months/years you invested in creating this experience. If you read your EULA, I'm sure something similar to the above is listed in there.

    Sorry, but that's just the way it is in the online gaming world. The same happened to me when City of Heroes shut down.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks but I didn't "create content".
    I and others bought a game wich has single and multiplayer. Now the multiplayer will close but on the crysis2 box it isn't written "multiplayer awayable only until 31 may.
  4. Read the terms of agreement.
    You will see how limited your rights actually are.
    In reality, you dont even own the copy of the game you have. I have not read the crysis 2 Terms of agreement as I did not buy it, but I am assuming its similar to most games nowdays where it is stated that you only bought the "right to use that software in the way the publisher allows it" and that would cover closing down servers.

    The only chance to have either a refund or keep the multiplayer running is if the laws of your country go against the terms of agreement (in this case the laws of the country are the ones that count, becasue if you are selling something in a country you are, by default, accepting its laws).
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