Troubleshooting triple monitor setup that was working but now fails


I have been running with a triple monitor setup for about 2 weeks max now (I finally figured out that I needed to remove the SLI bridge). Anyway, ever since the first day with all three monitors on and working together, my PC has decided to randomly restart at various times. This happens while I am playing games (SWTOR etc) or doing nothing at all. When the PC restarts, it usually goes upto the BIOS screen and stays there forever. I am then forced to shutdown and then restart. So now today (10 mins ago), I was in game, and my PC just crashed again, but actually managed to fully reboot by itself. After logging in, only my middle monitor responded; the other two are in standby. I am wondering if something went wrong with my 2nd GPU so assistance would be appreciated.

Here are my PC specs: Alienware Aurora R3 (2011) duo NVIDIA GeForce 450 cards. PSU @ 850 watts, Intel I7 core 3.4 GHz, 4gb of RAM, and 64 bit Windows 7 OS.
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  1. Why did you have to remove the SLI bridge?
  2. Entomber said:
    Why did you have to remove the SLI bridge?

    Because otherwise I could only have 2 monitors running at a time. My understanding is that each gpu can handle 2 monitors.
  3. So no one knows...
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