Connected the power cable of an external HDD incorrectly, now drive won't spin! help

Hi, so a friend of mine connected the power cable of my external HDD at a 90 degree right angle, its one of those aftermarket casings with a circular connector with several pins including one flat plastic one which is at the top, and now the drove won't spin. I tried putting it in another casing but the same problem occurred.
What could be the problem? And is there any chance of recovering it, or at least the days? There is sound coming from the HDD, like a click or buzz or any other sound. When you touch the HDD it seems that the components are perfectly still no spinning. Help please, it houses data from the past 10 years of my life!
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    You may also try connecting the drive directly to a PC via an available SATA port and find out if it works there. If it still not able to work or spin then possible the drive's PCB is damaged.
  2. I'll see if I have a spare desktop. In case it doesn't work still what are the chances of me loosing data? Also how long can I wait before taking it in for recovery? As I live in india and the repair center is far away, I can't take off from work so.
  3. OK connected it via spare ports but it won't spin.
  4. If that drive contains 10 years of your life's data activities then might be worth sending it to a professional data recovery labs.
  5. Yeah I know I called a guy
  6. How long will it be before the data is not recoverable?
  7. Just keep your drive in a safe place until you'd be able to send it to a recovery pro. Chances are slim if you keep doing anything on your drive that might cause further physical damage on the storage media.
  8. Ok thank you :) I hope I get my data back :(
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