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I am looking for a mouse in the $50-$80 range. My last one has just died. I would like it to have macros as they are quite useful for my 3D work, at least 3 of them. Though my first thought was the Corsair M40, as it is relatively cheap and it looks rather nice. I would like wireless, but I dont know if its worth the effort of constantly changing batteries. A more rare feature that I like is a pinky rest. I really like the razer ouroboros, but it is rather expensive at $120. Another option is the G502 (more around $80), has anyone had any experience with it?
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  1. You can't use macros from your keyboard?
  2. I can, I would just prefer a mouse with macros
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    Try the Anker 8200 DPI it has 9 macros. I have this mouse and I love it. They also have a 5000 DPI version with 11 macros. Color comes stock blue but can be changed I believe.
  4. Looks pretty nice, I think I may just grab one. Thanks.
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