HP Pavilion dv6 black screen on boot after disabling integrated graphics

Hp Pavilion dv6-3136tx.
Windows 7 Home Premium.
I tried booting without battery, holding down power button for 1min then plugging cord in and boot, and I also removed the CMOS battery for 30secs multiple times, removed CMOS, held down power for 30secs and replacing battery, nothing worked.
I installed a modded BIOS and disabled the integrated GPU. Rebooted, and the screen was black, no bios or anything. Even reseating the CMOS battery didn't work. I cannot see a thing, but I know it runs because I can hear the Windows 8.1 disc spinning after a few seconds. Please help me!
And before I installed the BIOS the laptop beeped at boot and didn't start unless I went into the boot menu and started up from there. Now it doesn't, and the laptop is quite cooler and quieter too. I tried the BIOS without changing for a few days before changing anything, so I know it wasn't that. I have tried windows key + B which won't work due to deleting recovery partition, and when I try the HP_TOOLS installer for USB drives, it won't install. I tried two drives, as well. Please help me, I need this laptop for iRacing.
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  1. Why in the world would you disable the integrated graphics? Where did you get this Modded BIOS? Probably messed up the registry an now the motherboard doesn't know what to do when you try an boot.

    The D drive is going to run because you have it plugged up. That doesn't mean the BIOS is going to start if you've altered it in any way. Have you checked an online manual to see what the beep means? That could help you out a lot an help the people here help you determine what you can do about it.
  2. I honestly thought disabling hybrid would make it run faster. Now I know that since it's muxless, it uses the Intel GFX to render it. And the beep was because the inbuilt keyboard stopped working, but I us external keyboards. The BIOS was fine before I changed the GFX settings so the modded bios itself isn't the problem.
  3. I got the HP_TOOLS installed to my flash drive and I also put the BIOS file on it but it will not go into recovery mode.
  4. see if you can buy a BIOS chip for it and install..i doubt it everything on laptops is mostly soldered inplace, but you killed the m/b in my opinion lots of things aren't working and they are all codependent. and of course it runs much cooler now, it's sitting their twiddling it's thumbs because it can't proceed to any stage beyond where it's stuck, so there is ZERO load and you also disabled the GPU which is where alot of the heat comes from besides the CPU....smh it's like a bad bios flash and written by a novice or for just one type of machine the coder specifically wrote it for...i wouldn't be surprised if it has a virus and other back doors written into it
  5. It's not a bad bios, I used it for a few days before changing anything.
  6. Also, the heat and fans started working properly again after a while, I forgot how slow windows is on that laptop.
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