Expert Help Needed (GPU For 144Hz & 60Hz Monitor - Dual Set-Up)

Hello. I have came to the decision (thanks to the help of plenty of people on this amazing website - tomshardware) that I will go for a Dual Monitor Set-Up for my PC. My idea is too have a ASUS VG248QE 24 Inch for gaming and then a ASUS VE248H 24 Inch for web browsing, Streaming, etc.

But first I had a few questions about this set-up;

1. Is this a good set-up to have?
2. Will my GTX 780 run both (GPU in my sig) or will I need another?
3. I know with a 144Hz the colours aren't as good and so could I record fine on the 144Hz and then video edit on the 60Hz?

I'm looking for mainly advice and reassurance as this is my first time doing all this set-up and such. Games I'll be doing will be mainly Minecraft and some BF3.

If you take your time to help me out I would really appreciate it. Thank You
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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Yes, that is a good monitor setup, even though the Hz is different for both screens, it'll keep 144Hz when using two, and best that they are both 1080p.

    Your GTX 780 can handle two screens of these types, so no issue there. You can also record fine on 144Hz and video edit on 60Hz, that'll work.
  2. Great. I've been asking this for weeks and searching for the answer and have found nothing. Finally someone is able to give me a straight up answer with the reassurance I needed. Thank You. One other thing if you could help again is, how would I go about connecting the two to my PC or is it GPU?? Like how would I connect and keep the 144Hz on one Monitor and same to keep 60Hz on the other?
  3. well, with your GTX 780, you put them both into your graphics card for starters. I would use both DVI ports on the back of the GPU as HDMI cables tend to be more expensive, but carry audio which hardly anyone needs.Using both DVI ports will allow you to have the refresh rates that the monitors are capable of.

    Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just ask and we'll gladly help.
  4. Great. Thanks. I have heard that using HDMI Cables tends to only give you 60Hz/FPS or something like that. I do have a couple of HDMI Cables free with me at the moment. But I won't use them if it means losing out on the Refresh Rates as there wouldn't be any point in getting the 144Hz Monitor. So 2 DVI Ports is the best way to go. Also what does it the Audio isn't carried?? Thank you for the help. This is why I love tomshardware Forums, so helpful every time =)
  5. HDMI will go to as high hz as you want, so if you already have them, great, they won't deliver 60Hz maximum. the reason why I suggested DVI as it tends to be cheaper, but HDMI is exactly the same, though it carries video and audio.

    DVI Only carries video, and if you use monitor speakers, you'll need another cable for audio

    HDMI carries same quality video as DVI, though carries audio, making it easy to play sound an video through the one cable on the monitor.

    but most people don't use speakers in monitors, as they sound terrible.
  6. Oh right, okay that's great then =D. And I should have placed this on my last answer but will they both be compatible with Windows 8/8.1?? I have looked on both Products and can't seem to find it!
  7. yes, the monitors will both work on windows 8/8.1, just plug and play!
  8. Great again =D. You have been amazingly helpful, seriously I really appreciate it. Btw whats a display Port? Just read up on the 144Hz ASUS and if I were to connect using a DisplayPort I would get the full Hz?
  9. You will get maximum Hz with a display port, it is just like another type HDMI, just with a different shape
  10. Oh right, I see. So would the Display Port plug into the GPU the same as the DVI & HDMI?
  11. yes, it'll plug into the GPU the same way, though the HDMI and display port connection itself is different, you'll need a display port to HDMI to use that port, which you may already know.
  12. Oh right. Okay so I think I am just about ready to order both and then purchase any extras like the Display Port to HDMI port cable. Thank You very much for the awesome help and advice. Couldn't have asked for better help tbh. Thank You unknownofprob =D

    If anyone has been brought to the same thread looking for the same answer then here you are =)
  13. glad to help, any time.
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