The best graphics card for Intel core 2 quad q9400 cpu @ 2.66ghz or 3.00ghz

I got a "new" computer from my big brother as a birthday gift and and the graphics card is ati radeon hd 5850 and i was thinking about buying a better graphics card and i don't know what is the best one for this computer so it doesn't bottleneck too much.

Here are the specs of my computer.
Motherboard:ASUS P5Q TURBO (lga775)
Ram: 4GB of ddr2 @ 400mhz* (*i think it is 400mhz or 733mhz im not sure)
Cpu: Intel core 2 quad q9400 @ 2.66ghz or 3.00ghz
Graphics card: Ati radeon hd 5850

Notes: The max length of a graphics card that can fit in my case is 28cm* (im from finland and im 12 so dont expect really good english)

Note 2: Dont say that it would be good to buy i7 or i5,im 12 i dont have the money for that and planning to upg0ade my ram to 8gb and my powersource is 750watts so power is no problem.

Note 3: I really got to stop butting hundreds of notes everywhere

Note 4: I was thinging of buying radeon hd 7850 but i dont know if it would bottleneck and I DON'T
want it to bottleneck.

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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums!

    To make this short and simply, the 7850 is a great card for the price and won't bottleneck an intel core 2 quad. That card is very well worth it and I strongly suggest getting it, if you can get a R9 270 for a similar price, that would be even better (only if under $20 more on top of 7850). This card is also compatible with your system, and it appears to be that your set.

    For reference; Just because a power supply is 750Watts, doesn't always mean it consistently ran output 750 watts, cheap 750 Watt PSU's are like this, but high quality 750W PSU's are fine. Though, it won't be running under load, so if it is a cheap PSU, it'll be fine. Make sure your PSU has dual 6 pin outlets, as the 7850/R9 270 needs that to power the card.
  2. Thanks for the answer unknownofprob, i was thinking of r9 270 like 2 months ago but i thought it would bottleneck and my powersuply is CORSAIR CX750 80 PLUS BRONZE its an atx powersuply. I know about computers but not much my big brother(s) there are 4 of them and they all know about computers.

    It would be nice if you could respond if my powersuply is capable of running these graphics cards, but im thinking that i could get another 5850 in crossfirex, would it be better than 7859 or r9 270?
  3. you power supply is better then I thought, yes you can defiantly run the 7850 or R9 270 on that PSU. There will be no bottleneck at all, so no need to worry about that.

    Crossfire has it's issues, and that itself isn't worth it over a 7850/R9 270, crossfire has micro-stutter, huge heat factor and not a huge variety of games support crossfire, making those games use a single 5850.
  4. Thanks. You are the best, no seriously you are.
  5. no problem, glad to help.
  6. Would it bottleneck if but r9 270x and not the 270?
  7. Depends on the game. Having more GPU power can be good though, because detail settings in a game depend a lot more on the GPU, so you could still get away with having higher detail, despite the CPU bottleneck.
  8. Thepixel02 said:
    Would it bottleneck if but r9 270x and not the 270?

    You intel CPU will not bottleneck either a R9 270 or the 270X.
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