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Hey all, just recently built a pc, after I loaded windows and all drivers etc. I had some issues with my external hdd. Anyways, I tried updating the BIOS because I thought it would resolve this issue, I was so wrong. The pc starts up with black screen. I tried to clear cmos by removing battery and switched the jumpers (which didnt work? pc didnt turn on when i swapped them over). Now the pc starts up, turns off, then stays on, but now the monitor doesnt even turn on. Ive been reading a lot over the past weeks in regards to the build and this issue. Still very new to the computer scene, and very unsure of what I can do... Kind of scared to do anything because now I think my computer is just completely stuffed. (who knows, hoping you guys will).

CPU: Intel 4670k i5 1150 socket
DRAM: 8GB G. Skill Sniper kit
GPU: MSI TF GeForce GTX 750ti OC edition
PSU: Thermaltake Evo Blue 2.0 850w (with turbo function. adds another 100w)

That's about it. spent just under $1200 and right now I feel so shattered. I really hope you guys could help me out. Id really, really appreciate it.

I was considering reflashing the BIOS? via USB with my previous BIOS version but couldnt really get the USB format sorted properly.

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  1. Sometimes a bios upgrade will fail and brick a motherboard. About the only thing you can do is call Asus for support. I bricked an Asus MB once(still under warranty), and they fixed it, but it took a couple of weeks to get it back.
  2. Would i be able to reflash it back to its original version?
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    Try clearing your CMOS
  4. Not if you can't get it to see the existing bios. It has to be able to get to the hardware to pull the new file, and replace the existing bios in the chip. Usually in this situation, the bios chip is replaced with one that has a good bios in it. I have read about ways to replace the bios after a failed upgrade, but they required another MB of the same kind, and then you had to wire the bad chip in to the good chip some way during an upgrade. This seemed to be way beyond what I was capable of, so I just sent the MB in for repair, and let them fix it.
  5. I dont know what I did. Perhaps a combination of everything. Cleared CMOS via removal of battery and jumpers. Unplugged all USBs. Switched between VGA ports on MOBO and GPU. Reflashed BIOS via bootable USB (with original version though my BIOS is the same version as the last update before it bricked). Also, turned it on and off multiple times hoping it would work lol I cant seem to roll back on previous BIOS though Im too scared to stay on the current version in case anything happens again... think today luck was with me. Thank you all so much for helping out, much appreciated!
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