will i3 540 bottleneck sapphire r9 270x toxic???

hiii to everyone i have
my pc:
intel core i3 540
intel dh55tc
4gb ddr3 ram
corsair cx500 psu
i know tat my cpu will bottleneck
but i have 1600x900 res monitor soo can i able to play latest games with med settings and wat fps would i get???
im upgrading my cpu in july(amd fx 6300)
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  1. Yes, it is a first gen i3. It is bottlenecking your 270x. I'd advise upgrading to a i5 instead so you'll never have to worry about upgrading the PSU too.
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    Yeah a bit maybe, but the i3 540 overclocks like crazy. If you bump it up to about 4Ghz you should still get good performance.
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