cant remove old windows install

I have 2 partitions on my computer a windows 7 32 bit is installed on one and a windows 64 bit is installed on the other. I am unable and need to beable to delete all of the windows7 32 bit system files off my computer because I need the disk space. It is taking up 20gigs and my HDD is small as it is.

i had same problem in this thread that was not able to get resolved. only thing i managed to do was move the paging file but I am not sure if that is actually a good or bad progress towards my goal.
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  1. Try the stuff recommended in that thread you linked to.
    If you want my short answer, and what I would personally do, backup your stuff and reformat your HDD and just install Windows 7 64-bit fresh. This will probably be the fastest option unless you find something else more quickly.
  2. if the old windows is in other partion go to control panel administrative tools and sletece computer management disk configurationa nd delete the drive and u can see unallocated space and again create new drive with it
  3. it does not let me delete it or change the partition or do anything.
  4. what it gives? do u have administrative privilages? if still get the problem
    use hirens bootcd u can easily format ur drives using this it have a mini windows xp and u can format using this or thier is also other tools there
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