do i need to update bios for this cpu upgrade

i currently have an i3 3220 and have just bought an i5 3570.
my motherboard is an: asus p8h61-mx r2.0 the bios update version is 0702.

do i need to update the bios to a newer version before i install my new cpu?

i was going to update the bios anyway but got a bit confused by the files from asus.
i downloaded the latest .CAP file and a file called BRenamer.exe. im not sure if these are the correct files to flash. i read there are 2 main files needed for flashing bios.

also if i do need to flash i will use the ez flash function so i can use a usb device. can i use a mobile phones sdcard as a device to flash from?

i have tried my best to find out what to do using search engines but haven't had much luck.

thanks in advance, andy
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    No need for bios update as you are using a same gen 3 CPU.
  2. excellent, that's what i wanted to hear :)

    thank you for the speedy reply
  3. You should update the firmware anyway, it's good practice. Asus in particular is known to introduce new features with newer firmware revisions.
  4. I doubt you'll need to flash the BIOS, both CPUs come from the same line (Ivy Bridge).

    As for the BIOS flash itself, you typically download an executable that automatically creates a bootable USB drive. You then either interrupt the boot process and select this drive, or you access the BIOS and start the process from there. I suspect that if you run the BRenamer.exe, it will guide you through the process.

    You may be able to use an SD card, but I wouldn't recommend it if you've not flashed a BIOS before. If you get it wrong, you can irrepairably damage the motherboard so stick to the recommended process.
  5. i'm not sure if i'm capable of doing it.

    there isn't enough clear information out there for me to be comfortable flashing bios.

    from what i understand, if anything goes wrong i might have to replace the motherboard.

    i don't have a floppy drive or a rewritable cd drive. i don't know which usb devices can function as a 'boot drive' and i don't know if i have the correct files.

    it is definitely due to my ignorance but it would be nice if when you clicked the asus drivers page it said you must have a version of file A and file B to flash your bios.
  6. thanks bicycle repair man. that's handy to know.

    i think i will just keep my current bios version as i'm not hugely tech savvy to be on the safe side.

    thanks for the replies all.
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