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Hey, I really need help with setting up my PSU, it is an XFX pro series 850w black edition, fully modular. Basically I do not know which cables go in where, as well as there being more cables than there are sockets and which are needed. The product came with no instructions on this at all which is odd. Where can I find a tutorial to explain how to assemble it?
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  1. There should be manual for it, but it's not really needed.
    On side of your PSU where are modular sockets you can see their text description
    M/B is for motherboard connection.
    CPU/PIC-E is 8-pin for cpu and graphic cards.
    3rd category is peripheral IDE/SATA - for your hdd, ssd, other devices.

    You got one cable 10+18 pin on one side and 24 pin on other that is for motherboard power, put it into M/B and other end to motherboard power socket.

    Next you need one 4+4/8 pin cable for CPU that goes to cpu socket on motherboard and cpu/pci-e socket on PSU.

    Next are 6 or 6+2/8 pin cables for graphic cards these are again CPU/PCI-E sockets on PSU and on graphic card end use as many as you need either 6 pin or even 6+8 pin depending on what your GPU need.

    Last are sata power cables these are for your HDD/SSD one sata cable can have actually more devices on it.
  2. There don't seem to be any cpu/pcie cables, only psu/pcie. Also, could you please say which end goes in where?

    I'm using an mpower max mobo, and I'm not sure where the cpu socket on the motherboard is and where the gpu socket etc is. There are 2 8 pin connections sort of near the cpu lablled jpwr2 and jpwr3, not sure what this means

    also, on the pcie cables that go from psu to cpu and gpu, there are only 7 pins on the PSU end.
  3. another thing, what things require sata cables? just the HDD, or does the CD drive need one too

    and, is there any wiring into the PSU for my cooler (corsair h100i) or fans?
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    Here you can download manual for your motherboard, but i ll write it down too.
    Link to manual

    So first motherboard orientation, as top i take shorter side of motherboard which is closer to CPU socket.

    Packed with your PSU you should have these connectors

    1 x 20+4pin main connector - motherboard connector is at the edge on right side. It's only power connector big enough for it, put 24 pin one to it and other 10 + 18 into PSU.

    1 x 4+4pin & 1 x EPS 12V 8pin - these are for cpu as i found your motherboard have 2 connectors for cpu (upper left corner of board, you can either use just one or plug both if you want, but your CPU wont probably take so much power anyway), plug them into 2 pci-e/cpu connectors on PSU.

    6 x 6+2pin PCI-E - there are for graphic cards and are made from 6 pin and 2 pin which can be attached to 6 pin to make 8 pin total. Use as many as you need for your GPU.

    1 x FDD - you wont need this one i hope

    Up to 10 x SATA - this is for your optical drive and ssd / hdd. there will be more connectors on one cable like 3 or 5 at once. You should be able to go with 1 depending on how many ssd/hdd/odd you got or also depends on your cable management so use it as it fit you.

    Up to 5 x Peripheral - this i'm not sure what they mean i guess molex cables for basic setup you should not need them

    I'm not sure how better to help unless i would start posting images. I guess best will be to read manual and quick install guide to your motherboard. It contains position of all sockets and also pictures how each connector looks.
    Good luck with assembly.
  6. there are no cpu/pcie cables, only psu/pcie. what the hell is an EPS 12v 8pin cable? u realise no cable has that written on it, so why say that to me?
  7. Lunix89 said:
    there are no cpu/pcie cables, only psu/pcie

    Okay. Modular cables have 2 ends. One side says PSU. Plug that side into the allocated socket on the PSU. The other, CPU / GPU / Motherboard, just plug it into the socket on the board, graphics card, etc. Just don't mix them up.
  8. just tell me which cable goes in where, make it plain.
  9. Lunix89 said:

    just tell me which cable goes in where, make it plain.

    Not to be rood, but I just said how to do it.
  10. now i have a problem, where my corsair h100i is mounted at the top of my computer, and the cpu pcie wires are obstructing where the fan has to screw it. surely it shouldnt be this way right?
  11. This may sound like bad advice, but you may need to sell / refund your cooler for the H80i. It still performs very well, but you'll lose out on the extra cooling performance by a slight margin.

    Or get a decent air cooler, like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or the BeQuiet Dark Rock 2 / 3. Only then your problem is solved.
  12. it can fit against the radiator and pull air in, but i can only get one screw in. think it'll be alright like that as long as its held in place?
  13. Lunix89 said:

    it can fit against the radiator and pull air in, but i can only get one screw in. think it'll be alright like that as long as its held in place?

    That's bad. Please don't do that, otherwise you could break your cooler that way and everything else if fluid starts spewing out of it.
  14. its actually fine, i hacksawed the bottom left plastic corner of the fan off, which has no ill effect on everything, and it now fits and screws in perfectly.. i know it voids my warranty but oh well.
  15. To matter of cables, just count pins. You got there (or should have by manufacturer description) 1x 8 pin cable, 1x 4 + 4 pin, 6x 6+2 and 1x 10+18 (on other side it's 24, bit weird but that's how it is with this PSU) that + should mean that cable is actually split to 2 parts at one end and at that end you have to snap those pins together and use as one cable.
    So just count those pins and connect how i wrote before.
  16. ok thanks alot for all responses, got it solved for me.
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