Which Gaming Keyboard is Better?

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  1. cm devastator is bundle (keyboard + mouse) . so i think this is a good deal
  2. In these 2 go for the logitech one,it is better.
    although you might want to get a mechanical key board for gaming.
  3. In my opinion there is no such thing as a gaming keyboard that isn't mechanical. Between those two though, I would go for the Logitech myself.
  4. gaming keyboard- marketing scam. Just buy a keyboard that fits you most. Mechanical keyboards have a high pitch sound that can annoy others in voice chats while gaming online with friends. Membrane keyboards are less noisy, but don't last as long as mechanical keyboards, which is okay since membranes are usually 1/2 the price anyways.
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    Both of these keyboards will do a decent job of, well, being a keyboard. The Logitech keyboard you posted there seems to have six, three layer, macro keys. Even if you don't use macros regularly, it's nice to have some dedicated keys for it. The CM Storm Devastator is cheaper, and comes with a mouse, so it might be the best option if you don't use macros.

    I've also known Logitech keyboard to have keys fade over time. My wife's Logitech keyboard is pretty much bald after 4 years. Still works fine if you know where the keys are though.

    The final verdict is that it is all about what you prefer. With the subtle differences in keyboards these days, it's really just a matter of what you like/need. The performance difference is minimal.
  6. I found witch ever one don't fail or let me down in some way and has true full nkro
  7. This is pretty old now and possible forgotten, but I would recommend the K95RGB or the K70RGB if you dislike macros. These two keyboards are mechanical (which is better IMO) and they have Cherry MX. 10.2M color options for the back lights, and the back lights can be customized per key, meaning you could have each key a different color if you wanted.

    I believe they'll be released at the end of this month. Just giving some more options.
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