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What will I need to do before and after I swap out my fx 6300 and my am3+ mobo for an Asus z87 and core i5 4670k? I heard that I would need to back up all of my data and then reinstall windows 8.1. Neither of which I know how to do. I have the retail version of 8.1 btw. I have never swapped out these parts before. Thank you
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  1. What are your other specs, will need to know PSU, what current gpu you have( I.e if you are currently in crossfire, you will need a crossfire ready board)
  2. everything will run fine, the psu is 600watts which is sufficient and everything will fit together. Do I just need to power off the system, swap out the old board and cpu and then turn the pc back on?
  3. No, you will need to re-install the operating system on your hdd
  4. ok thanks, how would i do that exactly lol. I won't lose any data right?
  5. Be sure with the stock fan, that you clean off the thermal paste, and re apply it.
    To do this use Isopropyl Alcohol of atleast 90%, and a Q-tip. Take the Q-tip and dip it into the alcohol and carefully rub it on the top of the thermal paste. Once coated, take a dry q-tip and go back over and gently scrape off the thermal paste. LET IT DRY AFTER DONE, DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS ON THE CPU. Simply re- apply the thermal paste by putting a rice grain sized drop of paste. After this, gently take an old credit card and spread the paste around, until evenly spread around the cpu. A finger in a plastic Baggie will work too.
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    Yes you will lose all data. It is a new motherboard that dosent recognize your hdd. Back everything up you want. To install it, just take you OS and install it via flash drive or drive bay, however you have it.
  7. Let me know if any of these have been helpful, or if you have further questions.
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