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I utilized a memory upgrade website and it recommended 1600mhz memory upgrades (2) 4gb sticks of DDR 3 for my Dell 1564 Inspiron laptop. After installation I got the blue screen and windows shut down. I reinstalled my old stock memory of (1) 2gb and (1) 1gb stick and it runs again. After a little research from Dell utilizing my service tag my laptop is designed for 1333mhz memory up to 8gb (2-4gb sticks). The memory I purchased was 1600mhz based on the recommendations of the site. I actually checked several sites and they all recommended the same thing........1600mhz DDR-3, (2) 4gb sticks. Suggestions? Thanks, Byron
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  1. Are you receiving Kernel error?
    I would suggest reinstalling the Windows again and if that doesn't change anything then try changing the platform of windows like from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.
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    You might check you laptop site to see if there is a bIOS update, it may allow for 1600.....another possible is that many laptops are available with a variety of CPUs and your particular CPU may not be able to run 1600 sticks....may just not like those particular sticks...have you tried each by itself to see if either can run by itself?
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