Seasonic 850w m12ii evo psu cable compatibility

I was wondering
Is the Seasonic M12II 850w Evo edition compatible with Corsair professional sleeved cables? If not - What cables are compatible then?

I live in Denmark, so other compatible cables must be from a shop shipping to everywhere in europe
The cables i was wondering about. Havent decided on color yet.
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    The Seasonic M12 II Bronze Evo Edition's CPU/PCI-E modular panel connector pin-out is different from Corsair's 6+2 PCI-E & 4+4 CPU modular panel connector pin-out.
  2. Which i would guess means incompatible.. Damn.
    Thanks for the answer though.

    Would i be able to buy just the 24pin cable then? or is that incompatible too?
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