New computer build has random restart after which USB-devices don't work anymore

Hi thanks for reading.

I am building a PC for someone and I'm running onto a problem I have never had before.


MS-Tech CA-0130 Minitower
MS-tech MS-N550 VAL psu
Corsair Value select 4gb 1333mhz
Seagate barracude 500gb
Amd A6-6400K 3.9 ghz
and last but definetly not least: ASRock FM2A88m-HD+

Asrock has a great funtion in its uefi bios for updating it for you. So I did it right after the windows installation. Though I remember it restarting up to 2 times during the windows installation.

I do want to make sure that is true though. Does anybody on here know how to restore the bios to it's original version?

Other occasions on which it restarts are when I plug in a USB device. Everything keeps running but screen runs black. Sometimes it stays like that and sometimes it actually restarts after which all usb devices do not work until you manually restart it again.

I have opened it up again and took the usb plugs out of the motherboard headers and put them back in. I tried once more and it restarted while booting up.

Please halp! :(

Update: Just turned it on and it keeps on ''crashing'' quicker and quicker, this time it was less than one minute inside of the bios.....

update2: I noticed in the device manager that there were 2 Serial bus controllers(USB) with an exclamation mark and one SM controller with an exclamation mark. I deleted all three of them and have not experienced reboots yet. I also plugged every device into every USB slot and nothing went wrong. It's running idle for around 15 minutes now :)
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    That's really weird since I had a problem like that. I just turned on "TurboCore" in my BIOS and it stopped turning off and on at startup, and restarting while it was running. You should try that and see if it helps. If not, you can reset your bios by going to the last tab (usually the last one), and check an option that says something like "load optimized defaults". If you can't even go into BIOS, there is another solution (thank god). Here's how you do it: You open your case, and you will find a cell battery on your motherboard (the ones you put in watches but just bigger). There might be a switch next to it but dont touch it (easy to break). You need to take the battery out so the motherboard looses power. Wait for 5 minutes, and put the battery back in, carefully. When you power your computer on again, the BIOS will be reset. BTW, the switch functions the same way but you haveto push it opposite of where it is, then back. It just breaks easily on some motherboards and I wouldn't recommend doing it.
  2. Thanks bestmak for your response. Removing those drivers seems to have fixed, it has not crashed since my second update :)
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