New OEM Windows 7 on used ebay laptop?

Can a new and unused OEM copy of Windows 7 be installed on a used laptop that used to have an OS but is being sold on Ebay without any OS installed or any key provided?
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  1. make sure you can find windows 7 drives for the laptop first before wasting your time installing it.
  2. I think rgd1101 means hardware drivers but yes, so long as the hardware of the laptop supports Windows 7 it should work totally fine.
  3. Well I am going to buy a used Laptop that's not more than 2 - 4 years old and will be from a major manufacturer such as Dell; is that a good thing in terms of being able to find the proper hardware drivers?

    Let me also rephrase or come at my question from a different angle/assumption: if a used laptop had an OS on it before wouldn't Microsoft be aware of that and prevent a new OEM version of another Microsoft OS from being installed on that motherboard/laptop?
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    So long as the OEM version is a true OEM (ie a system builder install) it will install on ANY compatible system. Regardless, M$ don't care what was on the machine before it will not effect it in the slightest if you are doing a fresh install.
  5. Thank you to all for helping me with my question; especially CPUs expert.
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