GPU at 75C Idle - Need help finding/installing VGA cooler for XFX HD 6950

I have an 2GB XFX 6950 CNDC ( that I got a few years ago but gets incredibly hot and loud (75C on idle at over 40% fan speed). Playing games with even low demand will make my card whir at full or near full speed.

I was leaning towards getting the Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo III (I'm almost certain it's compatible?), but I am open to other suggestions (it just needs to be cool and quiet).

Seeing how it is very new, I haven't seen many reviews on it and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it (though I'm guessing it's basically the Twin Turbo II with the back panel heat sink and pre-applied glue).

Also, I am petrified of bricking my card and was wondering if anyone had a guide or tips as to where to apply heatsinks, spacers, orientation, etc.

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    You shouldn't need an aftermarket cooler to keep the temps down where they belong. (Unless you have the build inside a shoebox with no cooling) You may just need to replace the thermal paste. Extended use at gaming for a couple years will dry it out. Then it loses its thermal conductivity. Just clean the old stuff off and put some MX-4 on it.

    75C at idle indicates a major problem.
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