Asus M5A99FX vs ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer

Hello. I`m building my new PC and I was wondering which mobo should I take. I think I will go with AMD FX-8320 and I would like to overclock it a little bit. Which of this to mobos will be better choice or maybe U have some another propositions for me
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  1. The ASRock has 12+2 power phases, vs. 6+2 for the Asus. They're both good boards, but I'd take the ASRock.
  2. Soorry I forget to add.. I`m looking for asrock but killer version, not professional
  3. The ASRock will also have a Killer NIC on it. Those are hyped a lot more than they're worth, and take effort to configure in detail, but they do offer some improvement in games, and will give you a lot of stats on how your connection is performing.
  4. So nevermind which one of ASRock`s mobo is it, both are better than Asus? Or maybe some another mobo in this price? Or I just should go with ASRock Killer?
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    The ASRock also has a better Codec on it (better sound), the ALC1150, vs ALC892 on Asus.
    If I were the one choosing between them, I'd take ASRock.
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