Asus maximus VI hero usb 3.0 header

hi guys, i want to buy the nzxt panthom 410, but i dont find the 2 3.0 internal usb header on the motherboard, I found the red one but the other??? thanks!!!
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  1. USB 3.0 is near to 24pin ATX connector.

    And USB 2.0 located near "TG Header"

    Hope it helps :)
  2. Thank!!! is there another usb 3.0??
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    juanPablo said:
    Thank!!! is there another usb 3.0??

    You're welcome :)
    No, there is only one 20pin USB 3.0 header. Only the most expensive boards have two USB 3.0 headers.
  4. Thanks again man :D
  5. juanPablo said:
    Thanks again man :D

    Anytime You're welcome :)
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