PC Keeps Freezing For Unknown Reasons!

So! Ever since I built my pc I have noticed that is keeps freezing and it really is annoying me. Since I have to restart my pc around 4 times a day. Now every month I give the computer a big clean e.g fans, case. But I don't seem to think that that would be the problem. I am also running 2 500gb HDD both with different versions of Win7 on them but I don't see why that would affect it either.

If anyone could give me a reason that would be great if not then dw. I might replace some parts :(

I will give you my specs just incase:

Intel Core i3 4130 3.4ghz
8gb of mixed ram
gtx 760 2gb
2x segate barracuda both with win7
Asus h81m motherboard
650w psu
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  1. Hi. Try a process of elimination; take all the hardware out until you're just left with enough to actually boot to windows (take out one hard drive, every stick of RAM but one etc). See if it still does it. If it does, swap the RAM until you've tested them all. If it freezes with all of them it's probably not the RAM. Try the other hard drive. If it still freezes with that hard drive, then it's probably not either of their fault. Borrow another video card and try that. If it still freezes, it could be the motherboard or the PSU. The PSU will be the easiest to test because you can just swap it out for another (if you have access to another). If it still freezes, try a different motherboard if you have access to one. If it STILL freezes it could be a software problem (though freezes in my experience were usually hardware), though that seems unlikely if it freezes when you test each hard drive individually. But you can at least try those things, maybe one will work, and also undo any overclocks if you've done any and test it before you go swapping hardware around.
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