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Hello guys, I would need some suggestions by you expert people.
I just bought a couple of alluminium Heat Spreaders for my 2 sticks of single sided DDR3 ram.
The RAM Heat Spreaders have thermal tape on both sides of the covers, i.e. one strip for the front of the ram and a second strip for the reverse side of the ram.
I have a question for you, as my ram it's single sided, would it be safe to apply both sides of the ram on the sticky clips? or should I leave one clip on for the backside of the ram?

My ram is DDR3 Kingston 240pin no beffered
-PC 10600 - 1333MHz (2x4 GB) CL 9

Here's a link for the heatspreaders:
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  1. Heat spreaders (especially on 1.5v DIMMS) are not necessary and mainly just a marketing gimmick. It will LOOK nicer, but it will do nothing for performance and very little for temps of the memory.

    Just sayin'...
  2. Leave the heat spreaders off. Why do you need them? They are mostly for show. Some even retard thermal conductivity.
  3. My motherboard runs my ram at 1600 mhz by default settings, even if they are 1333mhz by fabric. As that would be somekind of overclock I wanted to cool them down a bit, but mainly just for showing and better looking. So what do you suggest? I want to use them!
  4. Then ditch the tacky and useless 3rd party heat spreaders, and buy some RAM that already has some on them.

    I'm thinking those things you bought would do more harm than good. And 1333 to 1600 is not considered a serious overclock. There is practically NOTHING different between those two speeds in real life, no performance increase and no temp increase.

    You wasted your money buying RAM with no heat spreaders if they are something you desire. Now you have wasted more money buying cheap knock off heat spreaders.

    But hey, feel free to tack them on there if that's what your determined to do...
  5. after running ur pc for 4 hours or more and turn it of and just touch ur ram and if heats u can underclock it on bios settings
  6. I am pretty sure my sticks will not get warm as my case has very good airflow, it's a Thermaltake v3 black edition with 6 fans for optimal flow.
    My question was just related to the "stickness" of the adhesive tape.
    I was just wandering if getting my single sided ram on both the adhesive tapes could damage the non-shielded side.

    Let me link a picture so you can get the idea: (this is not my ram, just an example)

    Seems like I got into some serious cursing over here for buying some cheap heatspreaders lol...
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    I would be reluctant to install a heat spreader directly against the bare circuit board since the transparent paint on the board is merely meant to prevent solder from sticking in unwanted areas during production, not to insulate against shorts from something like a heat spreader. So I would add some insulation, such as another layer of tape. While tape is suitable for heat spreaders that use clips, such as those in your link, it is not reliable for any that rely solely on adhesion.

    Heat spreaders are totally useless for DDR3 RAM functionality and detract from the natural beauty of electronics.
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