Price of new KFA² GTX680 4GB

How much should you ask for an unused KFA2 GTX680 EX 4GB card?
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  1. Sold in South Africa for R6565. Should be about 550$ if I'm not mistaken.
  2. I asked because usually if something is to good te be true, it is. Found such a card, completely new for 300 euro. Thats why I wondered if these card are as good as the other GTX680. The probably are, just not as known as the other brands.

    Thx for the reply.
  3. Haven't heard of the brand but at that price I'd do a little more research on then before buying.
  4. Hi

    I gave it a go. Card arrives next week...

    Thx for the advise
  5. Best answer
    No probz pls select best answer.
  6. Hi again

    Should you care, I installed the KFA2 card and it works great. At first a little panic because I tested with Metro last light in 3D and with all setting maxed out, only 30fps average. Thought it didn't work. But then tested with skyrim with HD resolution mod and many others activated + in 3D: average of 60fps, 50fps in most demanding settings. Just marvelous.
    All that for 'only' 300 euro.

    Happy gamer. Thx again fo hte replies
  7. By the way, there are 9 more in stock of those KFA2...
  8. Awesome stuff game on man.
  9. well, posted that in case someone would be interested, guess not.
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