Corsair RAM vs G.Skill Ripjaw RAM?

So I believe that i have my choice in my RAM for my new pc narrowed down to these two.

CORSAIR Vengeance 8gb (2X4g) DDR3 1600:


G.SKill Ripjaw Series 8gb (2x4g) DDR3 1600 :

So is there any clear advantages with either of these? I will be dropping a fx-6300 cpu along with a XFX radeon rx9 270x 2gb (double disapation :) )

Thanks for the help!
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    Either should work fine, I prefer the Ripjaws as they generally always have plenty of OC headroom, so tend to be stronger sticks, looks like you save a few bucks also ;)
  2. Ok! Thanks bud i really appreciate all your help, ill let you know how it goes when i get it all set up
  3. Will be waiting to hear ;)
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