Query: does processor i5 work better than i3 with Skype

looking to buy a new laptop... i use skype internationally... will the Intel i5 core provide a significant better experience with skype or will the i3 be equally good in this case?
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  1. for skype there will be 0 benefit from an i5 over i3.
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    Hi and welcome to toms hardware!

    the i5 will do slightly better (especially if you have multiple programs open), but will it offer a significantly better experience, no. Due to the program, skype doesn't need over two cores with 4 threads, it doesn't even need an i3 to run well, a better internet connection will make skype run better at a noticeable difference.
  3. Danbuscus25 said:
    for skype there will be 0 benefit from an i5 over i3.

    Thank you
  4. no problem :D
  5. an i3 is more than good enough. It depends more on adequate ram,which I'm sure either laptop would have. I use skype alot on my bulldozer laptop with slow 5400rpm hdd and it's perfectly fine, it doesn't take much.
  6. yeah, skype will run fine with integrated/onboard graphics, most low-end cpu's, and 1-2gb ram, its your internet speed that is the most important :P
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