which graphics card is better? msi GTX 770 2 GIGS OR pny 770 4 GIGS

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  1. MSI Gaming N770 TF 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 770 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support Video Card
    is better just less RAM.
  2. the 2gb version is cheaper, slightly faster, and the card i would recommend UNLESS you run multiple monitors.
  3. well im getting the pny for the same price.
  4. Even if the same price I would suggest the 2gb version, its faster but like stated above by Danbuscus if your running multiple monitors its not suggested.
    *More Gigabytes does not always mean better!
  5. do you plan on SLI'ing in the future, or ever running multiple monitors, or heavily moded games? if so, then take the 4gb one.
  6. i dont plan on doing multiple monitors. what do you mean by heavily moded games?
  7. Games with lots of plugins/downloaded mods/etc.
  8. ooohhh no im not doing that
  9. ok, then either is fine, but the 2gb version is a tad faster :P
  10. so most of you would go with the gtx 770 2 gigs even though im getting the same price for the gtx 770 4 gigs?
  11. Yep, +1 for the 2 gig model.
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    Yes, view the specs of both and its really obvious on which one would suit your needs.
  13. if you ever want to SLI, I would go with the 4GB model. IF you plan on playing with a lot of pixels (high res or multiple monitors), or lots of graphical mods, then that 4GB model could come in handy.

    For most gamers, single monitor, 1080p, the 2GB would be more than enough.
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