New PC won't connect to internet.

I just built a new PC and it won't connect to the internet to install new drivers. It has Windows 8.1 64-bit installed via external dvd driver and the MoBo is the AsRock Z87 Killer. I've tried to install updated drivers with a usb but for windows to update I need to have an internet connection. I have it connected wired but there is no network to be found.
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  1. Can you install the drivers onto a flash drive? Your ethernet connection should not work either if you do not have the drivers installed for that as well....
  2. your mobo should have come with a driver installation dvd, put it in and install your network/nic/ethernet driver, whatever yours is called.
  3. also make sure your nic card is enabled in the bios.
  4. Drivers:

    Try to download this in another PC with internet connection. Put on a Flash Drive and install to your PC.

    Windows Update requires Internet Connection, so much better that you install the drivers for the LAN or WLAN first. Check your Other Devices category in the Device Manager, you will see there how many devices are needed to be updated.
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    I just fixed this problem by downloading the latest driver from another pc onto a flash drive. Then, I installed it onto the new PC and next thing I knew it worked!
  6. nice! :D
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