Require a PSU Recommendation.

I have:-
Core i3 3.1ghz 2100 intel
8GB Ram
1.5 TB Hardisk
Gigabyte HD 7850 1gb

Which PSU will you recommend me? Is Corsair VS550 Fine.
Can you recommend me another PSU which will be cheaper than Corsair VS550?
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  1. how much is the corsair where your at? you could get away with a quality 450w or 500w psu with that setup. as long as its a good brand 80+ is always good.
  2. It's of 5700 PK Rupees.
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    i run a i5, gtx 770, 10krpm hd, 8 gb ram on a 500w corsair psu and have had no problems with it. i would say look for something 80+ certified in the 450w area and as long as it has pcie cables you should be good.
  4. Ok Thanks For the Answer :)
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