AMD AM3 system for Gaming, file server, main PC, with QUIET components

I already have a PC which is used for light gaming, HTPC, in my living room. I'd like to re-use the parts, plus some new parts and build a new PC for my main office. I'd like the computer to do the following:

- Light gaming (more games on Xbox one)
- File server to host all of my files, movies, music, etc...
- Main office PC, connected to a monitor that's shared with a laptop
- Host files to my Receiver with DLNA, and to my Xbox in the main room
- Have enough capacity for a full backup of all files [not sure if I go external or internal]
- Be quiet/cool enough to be on most of the time
- Have enough performance to run older games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, as well as to video encode via Handbrake

I do currently have the following components:
- MSI 890GX mobo,
- Athlon X4-640 CPU
- Radeon 7700 GPU
-450 Watts Seasonic PSU
- 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD
- 180GB Intel 520 SSD
- 2TB Hitachi 5400 HDD
- 500GB WD Blue Drive
- Win8.1 CD

- Is 180GB enough for both Windows 8.1 and Steam?
- Can Steam be installed on 2nd drive?
- What's the quietest 7200RPM drive now? I care mostly about idle noise
- HOW do I make the Radeon 7700 GPU quieter? That's the current loudest component
- Is 4GB enough? or shall I upgrade to 8GB?
- Does changing from Athlon X4 to Phenom 2 X6 help much in performance?
- What's the best/quiet cooler for Phenom AM3?
- What's the best way to connect one monitor to two PCs? one laptop, and one PC?
- What's the quietest 80mm fans right now?
- HOW do I send files to Xbox from PC? I would have both on the same network, is it easy then to do?
- Can I play mkv files on Xbox?

Many questions, but I hope I was clear enough... thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. You'll have to upgrade your board and cpu to get better peformance as that socket is really old. MSI A78-M-E45 FM2+ and amd athlonx4 750k. OR. Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P am3+ amd fx 6300 six core.
  2. Well, how much would that cost? I'd like to re-use my older components as much as possible. I know not ideal, not fastest or coolest, but I am sure there's some improvements that can be made, no?
  3. Well I don't think you'll find a x4 965 BE if you do thatll be great basically its just your cpu that sucks.
  4. I am going to search for a Phenom 2 x6 .
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