remote web access wont load outside network

I have a remote web access setup on windows server 2012, and i can access it if im on my local net work, and connected to my wifi. the minute i disconnect it wont load.

. How do i fix this?>
heres site

be easy on me i have no clue what im doing.. lol

i get a 502 gateway.. a bad response was recieved from another proxy server or destination origin server

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    You have to configure your router port forwarding so that it knows which computer to send the connection to.
    I would also highly advise you to configure your windows remote desktop to use a different port then the default, as hackers will try the default ports.

    You then connect to the connection using your ISP provided IP address unless you have web address etup for your server. Also if you do not have a static IP (constant/never changing) from your ISP then you will have to get a dynamic dns service to monitor your IP address, otherwise you will not know when your IP changes on you and have to go back to the office to obtain the changed IP address to be able to connect agian.
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