How to restrict users from accessing shared folders

hello, i want to know how to share a folder on my network but restrict others from accessing the folder,but i want everyone of them can see the folder,not its contents..when they clicked the folder a message should appear that they do not have permission from accessing the folder.
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  1. Just share it with read only access
  2. hello..good day..i have tried sharing it as read only access,but my point is on how to share it and allow everyone to see the folder name but restrict them on the way im running windows server 2008 r2 standard,im using active directory and i have 10+ computers and 10+ n computing workstations..
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    You want them to be able to see the folder but not be allowed to access its contents? Do you want them to be able to view the files in that folder or do you want to totally block them from seeing whats in there?
  4. hello,i want users to be restricted from viewing the files and contents inside a folder..ive tried it once by changing and removing inheriting permissions but now it dont seem to work..

    lets say i have files (D:\FILES on Computer A),now i want My Computer B,C, and D, can access That Folder.And the Subfolders D:\FILES\SUBFOLDER1 and D:\FILES\SUBFOLDER2 will only be viewable by computers B and C,but they should not have access in the subfolders,only viewable..
  5. yes,i want users to see shared folders but totally block them from seeing whats inside..Im using a server as a domain controller and i dont want to see users mess up others files or save files anywhere they like.
  6. Read only means they can't change any of the contents. They can only see (read) them.
  7. problem fixed..

    first i set the permissions of each folder manually by setting who can only access them and removed inherit permissions,then share it with EVERYONE having read only permission.

    then shared the folder using SMB protocol found in

    Start>administrative tools>Share and Storage management
    everything i was looking for was all users can view the subfolders but restrict them from accessing what's inside the directory..
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