Dell Dimension 9200 Not Starting

Hello, I need some help with my Dell Dimension 9200. For some reason when I plug it in the computer starts up and then shuts down, The CPU cooler goes full speed and then goes to a normal speed and then goes back up to full speed again. This motherboard had a bad capacitor but I soldered another one back on (Right voltages and everything) but still does the same thing, I disconnected the pci cards, hardrive and cd/dvd and removed all RAM. But still the same thing happens.

I also found out that the light above 1 and 2 flashes every time it does that restart problem

I think it might be a dead mobo but I am just posting this because I just want to make sure it is a bad mobo.

Thank you
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    probably stuffed up something when you soldered the mobo. They are smd, don't hand solder them. Now buy a new motherboard and tear down then rebuild your pc.
  2. thank you, Do you think the CPU would be fine?
  3. Yeah the cpu would most likely still be OK.
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