need some suggestions on case fans and build.

i've made a list of parts i would like for my future desktop gaming pc, but i have a problem, i need some case fans, i have no knowledge on how to choose case fans, and if you got some suggestions on how i could improve my build that would be great :) (no suggestions like, just use one graphic card or choose that to make it cheaper, i dont have a budget)
link to build:
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    What a nice build. I would recommend Corsair 760T for this build. Also if you can get braided or individually sleeved cables for your PSU, that will give a really nice look to the build. Your color theme based on Formula VI is Black and Red.

    Go for three corsair AF-140 RED LED fans. Mount two at the top and replace the rear exhaust fan of the case with third AF 140 fan.

    Almost similar specs like mine except that I've Noctua NH-U14S and EVGA GTX 780 Ti SC, Domintaor Platinum RAMs
  2. There's no case on your list. Depends on the case as to whether you should replace any of the fans. I'd leave them in and see if they caused a problem.

    The 760T is a nice full tower case. Good for sli 780 ti's.
    Would also have Corsair fans which are a good brand - two at the front and one at the rear. I'd leave them like this so the case gets positive air pressure in it. The fronts have leds which you can have on or off.
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