Upgrade my gtx760 2gb to gtx770 4gb worth it for the future?

Hi, i bought an evga Gtx760 Superclocked ACX 2Gb about 5 months ago, and i can play almost every game maxed out (1080p is the resolution i use), but now there are a few games like titanfall, bf4 or call of duty ghost thaf uses more than 2gb of vram, so in the near future maybe the card wont run the games maxed out.

For example my friend has the same card with 4gb of vram and can play better in titanfall.

So what im thinking is to sell my card and buy the same with 4gb of vram, performeance wise it wont be notieceable but i think that card has better future and can do a sli too.

So the question is what you would do?, wait with this card until 800 series comes out or just change the card. I dont know how much vram next gen game would need

Thanks and regards
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  1. don't go for the 4GB, it'll perform exactly the same if you game at 1080p one screen, making the 4GB card useless. If you are planning on getting multiple screens get the 4GB card, if not, you will see no difference at all.
  2. But some games require more than 2gb of vram at that resolution like titanfall, what happens if it need more vram than i have, fps drops?
  3. not really, It'll be so similar it won't be worth it, I will strongly suggest waiting for GTX 800 series, then do an upgrade.
  4. there really are games (modded sykrim, bf4) that use more than 2gb of vram, and more will come.
    I bought the 4gb version for that reason, it was only 50$ more.
    If I ever get an 1440p monitor or something I don't have to buy a new card.
  5. yes, but when these games become more intense, the GTX 760 GPU core itself will struggle, Vram won't help that.
  6. unknownofprob said:
    yes, but when these games become more intense, the GTX 760 GPU core itself will struggle, Vram won't help that.

    Thats probably true...
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    the thing is that the gtx 760 isn't powerfull enough anyway to utlize anything more than 2gb. sure 4gb looks fancy and some games require more than 2 but the 760 is not powerfull enough make you feel the difference. 4gb is a waste of money. (only way 4gb is usefull is in sli mode)
  8. the GTX 760 actually uses 3.8 out of the 4GB Vram, but the problem is that the CPU core itself is not powerful enough to make the 4GB Vram useful, as it'll lag when it reaches that point. BF4 Ultra, it uses 2.2GB, but the core is already struggling.
  9. Thanks for the help, now i undertand, i know a gtx760 is not enought powerfull but i was thinking in those two things, buy an gtx760 4gb and do sli in the near future or just stay with my card until 800 series comes out.
  10. stay with your card until maxwell 800 series come out, then get one, more powerful GPU, Like a GTX 870/880, that is the best option.
  11. one thing to keep in mind: if you sli with 2gb you still got 2gb not 4gb
  12. I know a sli of 2gb will still use 2gb of vram so im not thinking on doing sli. Maybe upgrade to gtx770 4gb? Is it worth it?
  13. Up with new question, really apreciate your help
  14. 770 4GB, a really good choice for a new graphics card, though still for 1080p, not really worth it unless you have multiple screens and high resolutions. If you were to get a new card, I would opt for a custom cooled R9 290 4GB, now that is much better then a 770 4GB, and is a much better upgrade. The GTX 770 is maxing out everything at 1080p at 60FPS, but soon it won't as these next generation games will be pretty GPU demanding for sure.
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