How to connect 5.1 Speakers to monitor ?

Hey guys, I am looking forward to buy a 24/27 inch monitor that has 1ms response time which is perfect for online gaming. I will be connecting my PS4 with it. But I want my speakers to give me sound and not my monitor. I have 5.1 speakers and I want those speakers to give me the audio.
The monitor will be having 3.5 mm port.
So, I will be connecting the monitor to my PS4 via HDMI cable but how will I connect those 5.1 speakers so that I get the sound from the speakers ?

P.S : I posted the same topic twice as I have posted in the wrong category at the first time.
Hope I will get help here.
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    This question was already answered, please don't double post:

    You CAN NOT get 5.1 audio through a single 3.5mm headphone port.
  2. Kindly close this thread as there is another thread I have made.
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