PC case with wire-managing cutouts

Need a mid-tower PC case with good wire-managing cutouts. Price range is $35 - $40.
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  1. NZXT Source 210 : 38 Dollars

    But if you can extend your budget to 55$ then I would recommend CM HAF 912
  2. Dont tell buddy.... :( :( In India,each price gets up for various freaking taxes...damn..
  3. Then NZXT Source 210 will be best for you.
    It will cost you around 3k-3.4k INR
    You can install cpu fans of height upto 160mm , has 20mm space behind mobo for clean wire management , 230mm/330mm long graphics card( w/o hdd cage respectively), damn good cooling system at that price.

    The only thing I didnt liked was it doesnt has Front USB 3.0 ports.
    But that wont matter much , one can use back panel ports
  4. That's what I think of!! Btw,Antec X1 doesnt have any cable management cuouts right?
  5. With Antec X1 you are limited with cpu cooler height of upto 150mm and max. graphics card lenght of 280mm. Also its cooling system is not that good as compared to Source 210.
    Couldnt find any details for space behind mobo but surely it wont be greater than 20mm since they are hiding this in specs

    Edit: Antec X1 has width of only 180mm while Source 210 has 195mm
  6. Buddy,you have been really thing lastly. Would you mind telling if the Antec V1 cabinet has the cable cutouts and front exhaust fan or not?
  7. Antec V1 has provision for one front fan, one side-panel fan , one rear fan and one×140mm or 2×120mm top-mounted fan. Though the package includes only 1 fan.

    Cable cutouts→ Most probably not/few since I couldn't find them in side view of cabinet
    Edit: If you are looking for decent cable management then V1 is not a good choice
  8. Friend again I'm. Help me finding one. This NZXT is not currently available here in India. My budget is 3K INR. Not a penny more :( you can find cabinets on these sites. Compareindia,Snapdeal.
  9. You will find Source 210 from a reputed local dealer at lower price if you can't find it online.
  10. No stores around. They do say same two words. Permanently discontinued.
  11. Best answer
    Buddy I've just found the perfect case for you.
    Deepcool TESSERACT BF Cabinet Case
    It has a space of 22mm behind motherboard for wire management which is your main concern and comes at a price of 2.7k on Snapdeal. Cooling system is also good and has support for 240mm water cooling system. You won't find anything better than this at this price range, trust me.
    Hope that helps
  12. wooooooohoooooooo. Thank you man!! Solved.
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