How long will this CPU and MOBO last me?

I'm building my PC and I have chosen the

i7 4820k
Rampage IV Black Edition

I plan on buying one graphics card at first and then building on it from there. How long do you think that these will be up to date with the performance standard rising?

5 years? 10 years?

I mean with overclocking I could get it to 4.5ghz so It could last a while.

Would those 2 components be a good investment?
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  1. No one knows what the future will bring, it could hold out for 5 years or only 1.
  2. Could it support 4k gaming if I got the graphics cards to support it?
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    It sure will, you will just need a lot of gpu power for 4k gaming.
  4. ^ i7 in reality currently is overkill. most game builds are on the i5 to save cash. If you have the cash to blow though sure get the i7.

    When talking about future proofing its kind of hard. We dont know if in the future number of cores will be more important then single cores or anything like that. Anywho yes. That would handle 4k gaming if you bought the gpu to back it up.
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