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My microphone is not working. When i bought my laptop (Asus K73SV-TY080V) i also bought a headset, Due to often use i am using my external microphone instead of the one my headset currently. I have followed several guides and steps on how to get it fixed. Since the problem seems stronger now, not being able to fix it after an hour... i am quite desperate and looking for some help.

- windows 7
- Teamspeak 3 (does have a known bug, though current bug appears on windows-side, teamspeak bug on external microphone fixes after 1 or more program restarts)

- Asus K73SV TY080V
- Bought in summer 2011
- Frequent use, at least 4 hours a day.
- Half february 2014, re-installed windows (only windows, i kept D drive)
- Often use standby-mode instead of logging off and starting each day

- Microphone does not work all time, sometimes it's activity return after some hours

Current problem is line-in. Windows 7 does not recognize the line-in.
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  1. Somehow, teamspeak recognized the micrphone, though the bars in windows recording window still are missing (through recording devices).
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