HELP - Game resolutions are set too high for my monitor


Installed Far Cry 3. Didn't change anything, since right after first launch it is set to higher resolutions than my monitor can support. Game runs ok (you can guess from audio, going behind the black screen) but screen switches off and keeps saying "Cannot display this video mode, change computer display input to 1920x1080 @60 Hz".

How can I change game resolutions in this case?
Please give step by step guide.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Hi and welcome.

    Besides uninstalling and reinstalling, you can edit the .ini file to manually set the resolution. I don't know which line you'd need to change exactly, but it should be fairly obvious once you look at the file.
  2. Hi
    I reinstalled the game couple times, problems remains unchanged. Tried to find .ini file, there is no any file with .ini ending in game directory.
    Can you please give me some more detailed suggestion?
  3. My only other suggestion would be to disconnect your GPU and use the CPU-integrated one (if it has one of course). Providing you can access the game, you can set the resolution, exit and reconnect the GPU.

    Besides that, all I can suggest is looking through the Ubisoft forums or speaking to their technical team for a solution.
  4. Best answer
    Check Documents>My Games>Far Cry 3, for a config.XML file.

    Right click and edit it with notepad, there should be some resolution options in there,
  5. Thank you very much, changing in .XML file helped. Everything is good now.

    Thank you for your help and support. Have a nice time
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