Updated graphics driver, now Windows 7 won't load

Hey guys, I'm really at my wits end with this one, I've been working on this one for going on 5 hours now. Anyway, I recently upgrading my graphics driver with the new AMD Catalyst Control, and when I rebooted, it was stuck at the black Starting Windows screen. I went to go restore to an earlier time, and of course, my luck, there were no restore points because about a month ago, I turned it off for whatever reason. Huge mistake, I know, but moving on. I tried to boot into safe mode, but it gets stuck loading atipcie64.sys, so safe mode's out. I tried running a startup repair, but it tells me that it cannot run a repair. I drop down the details and it says something about a bad driver, and reboots to get me stuck at the Starting Windows screen again. I go into the command prompt through the recovery console and run chkdsk and SFC, but everything comes up fine. So last resort, I burn a Linux Live cd, which is where I am now. Great! So I try to install the two top programs (Crossover and Wine) to try to uninstall everything AMD installed previously, but OF COURSE, I'm getting errors with that too. So here I am, in Linux, with almost no knowledge of the operating system, asking for help.

I managed to run into an AMD Clean Uninstall utility, but me being in Linux, I can't figure out how to run an .exe file, so PLEASE, any direction would be amazing, I'm lost. Thanks guys.
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  1. Does your board have integrated graphics? If yes, connect your monitor to that, remove the AMD card and boot up. Windows should start, albeit at low resolution since it's a basic driver.

    Now go into Programs & Features" and double-click AMD Catalyst Install Manager.
    Click in the third option to remove all catalyst software, click 'Next' to continue.
    When that's done, shut down.

    Replace the AMD card and connect monitor to it, boot up. Windows will use temporary VGA driver.
    Now download an old driver from AMD or install from CD if you have it.

    In future worth remembering, never, ever update any driver just because there's a newer version.

    Incidentally, the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility is for Windows only.
  2. Ok, I tried that three different ways. How you told me, again with the onboard selected in bios, then again with the low res setting when I hit F8 at startup, all no good, still stuck at Starting Windows. I'm never going to update my video driver again after this hahah
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