MSI R9 270X 2GB HAWK vs Gigabyte GTX760 2GB OC

Which one from this two cards is better? Will Mantle have impact on it? Gigabyte is about 30$ more expensive than MSI
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  1. as a standard the GTX 760 beats the R9 270X by a tiny bit. Though the HAWK vs the Windforce x3 would probaby even out the scores because of the high overclock on the HAWK card.

    Strongly depends whether you want better performance in Thief, BF4 & more games to come (with Mantle), or want the ability to record everything you do in your games with a much smaller storage and performance impact compared to standard programs (with ShadowPlay). Because if you really want Shadowplay, then its worth paying $30 for.

    But if you remove Mantle & Shadowplay from this, the R9 270X HAWK is the best at $30 less i would say. :)
  2. But I read that on Windforce x3 are lower temperatures. I`m not interested in ShadowPlay. Maybe you recommend another GPU in similar price? Or MSI is the best pick?
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    miadsz said:
    But I read that on Windforce x3 are lower temperatures. I`m not interested in ShadowPlay. Maybe you recommend another GPU in similar price? Or MSI is the best pick?

    The Windforce is running a Nvidia gpu, which tend to output less heat than its AMD counterpart, though it's also because of the massive cooler on the windforce, which isn't exactly a good thing because it could be more noisy,
    The HAWK should run pretty silently, differences in heat aren't the most important thing on mid-end gpus since the difference tends to still be way lower than the max temp the card may reach (Nvidia 85 celcius, AMD 95 celcius).

    So if you're not going to use Shadowplay, then i would just suggest the HAWK, if i should suggest anything else it would be a MSI GTX 770 if you want to spend a bit more, and a R9 270 (non-X) from ASUS or MSI which are almost the standard R9 270X (not HAWK) in performance at lower prices.
  4. I would like to stay on level with GTX 760 and R9 270X. I can afford 300$ GPU, not more. But If I can spend less than it in the same performance, so why not. But I would like to know strict which I should take.
  5. i have GTX 760 oc i brought it in cheap rate and its better than r9 270X. i would advice you to go for it and i am sure u wont regret after buying.....:)
  6. Which model do you have? Asus, Gigabyte, MSI or something else?
  7. i personally have gigabyte but msi is also well brand and there is no big difference as i have experienced both cards
  8. Two different opinions. And I`m still between it :(
  9. go for the one which has less price as i got gigabyte at wholesale rate because my friend has computer store. but ya msi 270x is not beter than gtx 760.
  10. and msi 270x is cheaper than msi GTX 760. and know its upto you and your budget
  11. As I said, MSI r9 270x HAWK is about 30$ cheaper than for example Gigabyte GTX 760 OC. And I found on my local tech website that r9 270x is better than GTX 760
  12. which website ..?
  13. you can check comparison and frame rate of games eg:-battlefield4, crysis etc
  14. i hope i helped....:)
  15. U helped but not enough for me :P I`m still confused :( I have 3 GPUs and dont know which one pick. Have MSI R9 270X Hawk for 799 PLN and GTX 760 in MSI and Gigabyte OC versions for 889 PLN (1$-3PLN)
  16. There is 10% different in performance not much and it seems like u are fond with r9 270x and i admit it has some nice features and can play mostly all games at good FPS
    And by the way whats your budget.??
  17. About 900 PLN (300$)
  18. With this budget if i were u i would have gone with gtx 760. rest is upto you my friend. And if you are building your rig put first priority to gpu.
  19. That`s what i`m trying to do :)
  20. miadsz said:
    That`s what i`m trying to do :)

    Well, if you have a 10% performance difference, and a 10% price difference, it's really up to what you want to pay.

    And if you chose the GTX 760, then go for the MSI cooler.
  21. So maybe the solution is to buy radeon and OC them to Geforce performance?
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