Laptop help i need. Drivers.

So i have formatted my HP ProBook 4520s (Intel Core i5 460M, 4GB of RAM, 300GB Hdd) and so far so good. But, i have a big problem. I installed Windows 7 and from the beggining, i did not know what drivers to install (of course, drivers are on the site) but in what order shoud i install them. For example, i tried to install AMD Mobility Blah Blah 5xxx, using the AMD autodetect tool, fail. Windows has no Aero effects. (i installed graphics first, because i wanted aero)...What should i do, how i can get it up and running. Also, when i try to install HD Graphics Adapter, it installs turbo boost...I am...disorientated
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    I always do the chipset first , lan, video, sound, then windows updates. windows updates normally picks up all the trash I don't want to deal with like usb drivers and what not.
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