i5 4670k or i7 4770k for sli gtx 770

I have the i5 4670k right now but I was considering the i7 because I plan to get a second 770 soon and I want to be able to play at 2560x1600 resolution. Would there be any difference between the 2 cpus or is it not worth the buy. And could one 770 and the i5 be able to play at 2560x1600 with AA turned down or off?
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  1. Don't get i7 just because it wont be much better performance in games, it's mostly for photoshop, rendering, animating, ext.. stick with i5
  2. Do not go for the i7 if the purpose is gaming.. :)

    It will not bottleneck the GPUs...

    The difference between the two CPUs is that the i5 is for mainstream uses.. the i7 is more directed towards Photoshop, video editing etc..
  3. If you are willing to spend that much money, just buy a single 780ti and sell your current 770. You will be better off that way. Not all games scale well with SLI. Some don't at all.
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    No need for i7. In my personal opinion 4k is not a reality already. You can Chill up with one single 770 and i5 4670k for a good couple of years.

    Beside of spending that money right now, i suggest keep the money, it will make a good difference in 2, 3 years, and then you could make a really good upgrade.
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