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How do I transfer all my old data and application programs from my old XP drive, which is full to my new Drive which is on Win 7. I have set it up already on Win 7 but want to make sure I can bring everything across without having to reinstall all the applications and loose all my outlook stuff.
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  1. you will HAVE to reinstall all applications, but you can copy your data.
  2. You can not just transfer programs over, you will have to reinstall your programs

    As far as outlook are you talking outlook express or what program?

    As far as files you can setup both computers on the network and transfer them, you can use a flash drive, you can remove the xp drive and plug it inot your win7 computer, or you can buy the usb transfer cable/software.
  3. Would it be worth creating an image of the old XP drive on a 1Tb external USB drive and then loading that image onto the new drive. Once it is copied over to the new drive, then upgrade it to Win7 ? Or will that set the new drive to the same size as the old one at 40gig when it is actually 200gig
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    The first problem is that the drivers wont match up so you cant just image the drive and it work on your new computer.

    Second problem is that there is no XP->7 upgrade option, you can go xp-vista and vista-7 but no xp-7 so you cant just upgrade and keep your programs

    Third your Win 7 machine is most likley 64bit and your XP is 32bit which adds even more complexity.

    Bototm line there is no decent way to transfer your programs, you are just going to have to reinstall them.

    If you have an external drive you can easily use that to transfer your files over
  5. Thanks for the help. I will get busy tonight.
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