Upgrade my processor laptop but no change in performance

Hi all

I just upgrade my laptop processor, I upgrade intel core duo T2390 to intel core2duo T7500...
It's works fine but when I check on windows experience index, it have same same results between the two processor the results were 2,8.. is this normal? Or there is something wrong with the configuration? Or any other sugestions?

Thanks in advance
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  1. It normal because WEI is useless.
  2. The differences are minimal,35153 but you should have gained a bit of performance

    Is WEI 2.8 for the CPU? Did you referesh it after installing the new CPU?
  3. Tahnks for the answer

    Yes, 2.8 is only for the cpu and I've refreshed it, and it still the same
    I will reinstall the windows to see is there any difference....
  4. I doubt reinstalling Windows will change anything. Have you checked if the new CPU runs at its rated clock speed?
  5. Yes the clock speed is normal and it show core2duo t7500 2.2ghz
  6. Best answer
    The upgrade obviously didn't meet your expectations, but you shouldn't rely on WEI to measure the performance improvement. You should test it with applications used on a regular basis, but don't expect a performance boost that exceeds a few percentage points.
  7. thanks all for the answers..

    I think it because there was something wrong with the charger which not supply enough power, I change the charger and wei results is 5.5..

    thanks alll
  8. Then the CPU wasn't running at full speed. You should now notice a performance difference.
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