Newly built desktop, struggling with display issues and in-game graphics performance.

Hello! I recently put together a fairly cheap desktop PC that I intend to use solely for playing a game called League of Legends. I have all components together however I can't get my resolution to display correctly.

The desktop extends off the side of the monitor. After I installed Windows 7 the Windows "Starting Windows" screen was off centered and way to the left. Changing the resolution to any of the options still put the desktop off the screen.

To explain it a little better, I am using an HDTV right now for a monitor but I've also tried a regular monitor and same issue. The recommended resolution is 1366 x 768. I updated the drivers for the monitor and still had this issue. (Monitor was connected using the generic cable it came with)
(HDTV is connected via HDMI)

Also, in-game on League of Legends, I roughly get 60 fps at very low settings-high settings. But it drops signifigantly through-out gameplay. Sometimes down to 20 fps. It is constant back and forth with the fps even if nothing is happening in-game.

This is my first time building a computer so if someone has experience with it PLEASE help!! :(

Motherboard: Asus A78M-A with AMD A78(Bolton D3/M3)
Processor/GPU: AMD APU A10-5800K with Radeon 7660K HD
Memory: 4 GB DDR3 G. Skill F3 12800 dual channel kit 2 x 2
HDD: Samsung 1T 5400 RPM 3 Gb/s
Display: VIZIO 32" connected via HDMI cable.
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  1. Go to catalyst control center and un-check scaling features.
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