Is 1200 Watts corsair enough

Dear users hi

Following are the specs of my new super gaming system :)

1. Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X OC 3072MB GDDR5 Graphic Card
2. ASrock Z87 4 way SLI
3. I3 or I 5 depending upon motherboard
4. Memory: 8GB to 16 GB RAM

PSU:Not sure yet, I have corsair 1200 Wats in my mind . what do u think guys will it work ??

Please advise as i a am a little not sure about it

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  1. It will work but 1200w is overkill, you don't need anything close to that, a 300-400w for you is plenty.
  2. Yeah 1200 watt is for 2-3 way sli or crossfire configs
  3. Dear thanks for the advise but i would like to add one more thing i am using 4 of these graphic cards in my system
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    Then 1200W is adequate, still plenty.
  5. Is this a bit coin mining rig?
  6. Lite coin mining Fireo40
  7. any recommendation for regarding cooling of this machine . ??
  8. Well I recommend getting a couple of extra fans to be top mounted (depending on the case and amount of fans already included) and for a cpu cooler either a Cooler master 212 Evo or a Dark rock 2 if you want performance and quiet. also try and keep your room cool enough, just so the intake air is actually going to cool the PC.
  9. cooling is really an issue cuz its summer in Pakistan and its pretty hot my average room temperature is around 27 degrees .
  10. That's fine, as long as the intake is cooler than the out take then you are fine, I recommend just keeping it away from direct sunlight. What case are you using?
  11. no case . running a bit low on budget . it will be an open setup for the time being .
  12. Well make sure to clean it from dust and static, since it will be open then cooling wont be too much of a problem as long as it's clean, like I said try to keep it away from direct sunlight.
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