Blurry images and txt with latest nvidia display driver

Hi all ...need some expert help!

I am using Toshiba 32TL838 led 3d full HD TV (1080p native) as my PC monitor for over 2 years and previously i had ati 6770, connected via DVI -> HDMI and everything looked fine and clear. Good colors and saturation, not that crystal clear with txt but i managed it with Clear type.

Few days ago i got a whole new setup:

i7 4770k, Asus Maximus Hero VI and MSI gtx 770 Gaming. And now i have really bad display quality (win 7 x64) of both txt and images, and it happens only when i install Nvidia driver - i get oversaturated colors, white line around txt, oversharpened images yet blurry and with lack of textures (like no depth - object in focus is clear, but everything behind is super blurred - in all pics).
With Standard vga driver by win default i have crystal clear picture, both txt and images so i believe its not my TV but nvidia driver or something else is in conflict.

It looks similar to this...

I can go with sharpening on TV bellow 0 but i want less blurry and more visible textures.

And when viewing the thumbnails, or displaying a smaller pics while browsing they look like this...

Hard to see which is what.

I ve read over the TV manual too many times, disabled/enabled scaling, filters ...renamed HDMI port to PC ofc, turned on/off "active vision". Strange thing is ...every LOWER RES image/photo from my family album or random ones got to much blurry, and when looking at the thumbnails of those pictures it almost like painted with watercolores, no depth, no visible pixels, no textures, like empty shells. While really quality pics display good, all smaller pictures (etc browsing internet) display like they are in 8 bit.

Like some nvidia driver filtering is going on, specially on low res images, but i notice lower quality in full HD vids as well.

I tried all settings in nvidia control panel without success (etc fxaa off, no scaling/scaling/overscan/underscan/50hz/60hz) ...i would then connect the PC with Sony TV and its all crystal clear with nvidia driver, while its crystal clear on Toshiba without driver (but i need it for games). HEEEEELP!

I ve tried with editing EDID of my TV, before installing driver, no luck ...coz i dont see the specific "override EDID flags" line in new nvidia drivers. Its like in some strange way TV downgrade the source signal. So ...i went and bought DP -> HDMI cable ...same thing - just threw money.

DVI - > VGA (via that small DVI to VGA adapter that comes with graphic cards) i get overscaled desktop and dark lines over the screen.
HDMI -> HDMI same fuzzy picture as with DVI ->HDMI.

I had the similar problem (with fuzzy txt and blurry images) when i tried to connect my old ATI 6770 with micro HDMI -> HDMI (1.4a spec) so i was using DVI to hdmi and it was fine. Maybe some custom driver that might help me? I am desperate.
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  1. To be more simple ... when i hook my PC to TV via VGA cable everything is sharp, text and pictures (if thats the only solution for this TV to work properly i will have to get that super slim vga cable as my TV is placed on the wall and regular adapter just cant fit there). While i really want to get rid of analog connection, with HDMI, DP and DVI (all labeled as HDMI connection) everything is more "digital", any SD or lower quality images - or ingame textures are somehow more blurred, like driver is trying to "fix" the low res - making it really ugly. Any tip how to enable low res textures/images not to get rescanned/fixed/blurred. Not sure if its my TV doing this or gpu.
  2. TVs add a lot of processing to the picture to make them look better for movies and TV. However, for computer use, they just distort the picture from what it should be.
    Here are a list of settings to change for your TV:

    Widescreen viewing - "PC NORMAL" - very important so the screen does not get resized or stretched; you want ever pixel the same. If "PC NORMAL" option is not available, then alternative options are: "Dot by Dot" and "NATIVE"

    PICTURE > Picture Mode - "PC"
    PICTURE > Sharpness - find the setting that means NO sharpening or blurring. You would expect 0 to be the right setting, but for TVs sometimes if you set it lower, it will actually start to blur the picture. So find the number that means no blurring or sharpening. It will probably be a nice round number like 0, 10, 100, or 50.
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > ColourMaster - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > Colour Temperature - Cool (or Normal)
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > Auto Brightness Sensor - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > Active Backlight Control - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > Black/White Level - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > MPEG NR or Noise Reduction - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > DNR or Digital Noise Reduction - Off
    PICTURE > Advanced Picture Setttings > Active Vision - Off
    Display Settings > Automatic Format (Widescreen) - Off
  3. Thnx for helping, however this TV have very limited options through HDMI, everything (PC, pixel clock etc) gets available only with VGA port.

    For HDMI there is only an option to select between NATIVE and WIDE/SUPERLIVE/4:3 for screen and ACTIVE vision on/off via PC preset, rest of the presets have MPEG NR and DNR and everything is off on this previously labeled HDMI 4 as PC that i use - being the only one on side of TV.

    So on TV - HDMI 4, labeled PC - active vision off, contrast 60, backlight 60, brightness 0, color menagement off, auto sensors off. And i still get fuzzy text and images. RED and GREEN txt on gray background look like out of focus completely, almost unreadable. As i mention, it only happens when i install NVIDIA drivers, under standard vga drivers it looks super clear and low res images are displayed correctly (while still using HDMI connection). The only way i can use nvidia driver to display everything correctly is when its connected with VGA cable (DVI - VGA with that small converter).

    I am currently fighting with this for 2 weeks and cant find solution, tried with manual EDID (which i think isnt an issue as its not overscan thing), tried with regedit - no change. I come to conclusion that it must be the HDCP issue ...any way to disable it?

    I am actually seeing some sort of a digital override in everything that my TV or gpu thinks its low res ...textures in games, low res images when browsing, my own lower quality photos...

    I tried at least 8 driver editions and there is no real change - only difference is when i use oldest driver that supports my card (MSI gtx 770) - and while using the cable DP -> HDMI it says Toshiba TV connected to a display port, newer drivers till last one says HDMI connection.
  4. HDCP would not cause it; it is likely just a setting on the TV or computer causing the problem.
    * Check the Nvidia settings for any type of stretching or overscan settings (don't use them).
    * Make sure it hasn't switched to 3d mode.
    * Make sure it's still running at 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz (in "Display Settings")
    * Completely uninstall all MSI/Nvidia drivers and software for the video card; let it remove all your settings. Then go to and download the newest ones.
  5. I did all of that, ended up using VGA, though I notice a huge color change from digital, specially for blue and red, and green is also more like military green then that screaming kiwi green that i get with HDMI. I guess my TV just dont like the HDMI/DVI but prefer analog better for PC.
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